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Racing Driving

Ouroboros Asset Management is an award-winning, research-focused, alternative asset manager, developed to incubate and pursue avant-garde investments and investment strategies.

As part of our unique portfolio management philosophy, we take a systematic approach toward investing. Our portfolio managers apply proprietary models, along with Bayesian logic, statistical analysis, and real-time macroeconomic analysis to construct portfolios that are entirely market-neutral and tailored for success in nearly any market.


The resulting outcome has produced various funds, investment strategies, joint ventures, and unique outlooks specific to the hedge fund and private equity industry. 

Today, Ouroboros Asset Management primarily acts as a holdings company and family office, on behalf of its founding members. 

Our firm participates in General Partnerships, with second-generation managers and strategies, that were developed and incubated, under the Ouroboros Asset Management Group umbrella. 

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